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Gamer Packaging Mourns the Loss of Their Founder

Gamer Packaging, Inc. is saddened to announce the recent passing of its founder and former CEO, Ron Gamer.

At 84 years old, Ron had been dealing with health complications and passed away peacefully in his home on July 3, 2021. 

Ron started Gamer Packaging, Inc. in 1987 after a successful 30-year career in the packaging industry. With a passion for teamwork and a dedication to service, he took on this endeavor with a vision in mind: to foster authentic relationships with the best packaging manufacturers and create solutions that are tailored to meet each customer’s unique challenges. Ron viewed suppliers as partners and believed that by working together, they could exceed customer expectations. This philosophy carries on at Gamer Packaging to this day, as the company’s strong supplier relationships have earned its reputation as a respected leader in the packaging industry.

Ron led Gamer Packaging for 23 years before stepping down from his CEO position, although he continued to remain involved and passionate about the business until this past year. During his time leading Gamer Packaging, Ron grew the company to a midsize enterprise, acquired offices in downtown Minneapolis and extended the business’s reach with numerous satellite offices across North America. He became an established figure in the industry through his large network of personal connections and many friendships. He was closely involved with the evolution of craft beer, as craft beer packaging was the bulk of the business in the beginning years.

As Ron intended, Gamer Packaging is a family-owned and -operated business where Ron’s legacy lives on through his son, Kenny, daughter-in-law, Paula and grandson Joey. Ron loved everything about a family-run business, but he especially loved his employees and treated every member like family. It was in Ron’s nature to live a life of service in every way possible. He spent many years involved in his local communities through philanthropic, coaching and volunteering efforts. Ron will be remembered as a caring mentor, a generous friend and an active community member.

“Ron was genuine, authentic, flexible, understanding, helpful and generous,” said Kenny Gamer, CEO of Gamer Packaging. “He really did live ‘the good life’ in so many ways. He was a terrific example for all of us and will be sorely missed but remembered for what he taught us.”

The entire Gamer Packaging family mourns the loss of their founder and will continue to uphold his values through their work as a full-service packaging supplier.

About Gamer Packaging

Gamer Packaging is an industry-leading supplier of custom packaging solutions with over 30 years of experience. The company’s services range from initial packaging design and sourcing to delivery at manufacturing and co-packing facilities — covering all supply chain needs. Gamer Packaging highly values the importance of strong supplier relationships, which enables them to offer customers innovative, flexible and highly responsive service.

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