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What Our Customers Are Saying

“Gamer Packaging has been a valued resource and partner. Despite ongoing supply chain issues and volatility within our industry, Gamer has consistently been able to provide a steady stream of beverage cans and ends to our company. ”  

Lu Duma, Head of Sales  

House of Webster Logo

“When choosing a vendor for our facilities, the word ‘Partnership’ is extremely important in our overall choice. Our decision to partner with Gamer Packaging has been extremely good for us. We are proud to say that Gamer Packaging has always provided us with the resources to be able to make good quick decisions for our overall needs. With the glass industry being so volatile at this time, it’s comforting for us to know that our ‘Partner’ is taking care of us through service, on time deliveries and above all, solutions for our needs.”  

House of Webster, Executive Vice President  

Allagash Brewing Logo

“Here at Allagash, we want to work with companies that share our core values, our attention to detail and our passion for great beer. Gamer Packaging provides us with all of this and more. Their commitment to quality, flexibility and superb customer service makes them a true partner.”

– Purchase Manager, Allagash Brewing Company

Coloplast Logo

“I like working with Gamer because we have a very transparent relationship that we don’t get from other suppliers. We are limited on warehouse space, and Gamer houses our inventory and releases it as we need it. Even though Gamer is a bigger company, they make use feel like we are their number one customer, and we really appreciate it.”

– Val Wasinger, Materials Planner / CM Coordinator, Coloplast

Berry Global Logo

“Gamer Packaging is a very professional organization that brings value to its customers and suppliers.” 

Distribution Business Development Manager, Berry Plastics

Badger Hill Brewing Logo

“We are a craft brewery that is starting up fairly new, and we have different challenges than maybe the bigger players. Gamer seems to always understand what we are dealing with plus has a huge array of products for us to look at. We have different packaging needs Gamer seems to have it. They understand what true service and partnership is.”

Broc Krekelberg, Co-Founder, Badger Hill Brewing

Mankato Brewery Logo

“What I like about with Gamer is that we are looking for them to provide us with support. They helped us understand the color choices we pick, number of colors, and substrate of materials we are printing on. We know beer, but we don’t understand the packaging that goes with it. They help us make the right decision the first time.” 

– Tim Tuppy, Co-Founder, Mankato Brewery 

Breckenridge Brewery Logo

“The world of Craft Beer manufacturing is a fluid one, and it is imperative that our vendors are flexible and that they make customer service a priority. The team at Gamer Packaging has exemplified these traits and has been one of our most dependable partners for more than 18 years. We genuinely appreciate their accountability, and we highly value our relationship with them.” 

Brew Master, Breckenridge Brewery