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Our Leadership Team

We’re more than a supplier, we’re a partner

Kenny Gamer

Chairman and Chief Strategic Officer

I love the challenge of continually finding the best possible solutions for all of our customers and manufacturing partners. Our team understands where we can deliver value and the importance of tailoring this value to meet the needs of our customers and partners. I have been intimately involved with Gamer Packaging for 30 years, and I consider all of our employees members of the family. 

Paula Gamer

President and CEO

I’m passionate about the success of our employees, customers, and manufacturing partners and aim for happy, fulfilled people in everything we do.  I’ve been surrounded by Gamer Packaging for over 25 years, and the key to our success is encouraging the success of the people around us—and we have many successful people on our team!

Chip Barto, Vice President, Consumer Division

Chip Barto

Chief Commercial Officer

Our team works to find the right solution for each customer, and each solution is different. I’ve been in packaging for 15 years, and like that it’s a tangible product, that allows my team to be creative and innovative. I love that at Gamer we’re given freedom in a self-motivating environment.

Rhonda Pakkala

Chief Financial Officer

Our finance department strives for flexibility, while maintaining consistency and accuracy.  Our goal is to be easy for our customers and manufacturing partners to do business with. The best part of working at Gamer is our team, and an environment where everyone is given the opportunity to make valuable contributions to our success every day. 

Greg Keys

Director of Logistics & Warehousing

I have been in logistics for over 30 years, and understand its importance in enhancing our customer’s overall experience. Our logistics and warehousing programs give us an additional opportunity to demonstrate our value add, and keep our customers coming back. The best part of working at Gamer is how quickly we react to our customer’s needs.

Jon Hawkes

Director of Quality Assurance

Our QA team helps customers improve their processes, and resolve challenges in the most efficient and economical way possible. I’ve been in packaging for over 20 years helping customers grow their brands. The best part of working at Gamer Packaging is the partnerships we create. 

Chris Lussier

VP, Product Development and Engineering

I take the abstract and artistic and mold them into a manufacturing capacity, so I get to be both technical and creative, taking a customer’s brand vision and making it a reality. I have 23 years of experience in product development and packaging, and get excited about how our work touches every household. The best part of working at Gamer Packaging: our partnerships and friendships.

Our Team’s Mission Statement

To forge trusted relationships and deliver boutique class service and solutions that enhance the lives of our team, our suppliers, and our customers.

Meet The Team

Gamer Packaging: 35 Years of Excellence