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Jimmy Okeson

Hi, I’m Jimmy, and I am a Regional Sales Manager for the Northeast. I have worked for Gamer Packaging since 2017, and I currently specialize in packaging for beer, ready-to-drink coffee and the nutraceutical industry. I enjoy getting to know my customers on a more personal level to understand preferred methods of communication and developing a long-lasting friendship to grow along side with. I graduated with a degree in entrepreneurship, so I really enjoy meeting with CPG companies that are still in the startup/initial growth phase.

I enjoy hanging out with my wife, Abbey, and our dog, Marley. We currently have a baby on the way and are very excited to be expanding our family!

I spend most of my time working on projects at my house, as well as landscaping the yard. My favorite travel so far is the Hawaiian Islands, but my dream trip would be to go overseas to places like Japan, Italy, and Spain.

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I am here to answer any questions you have on packaging or the process. I am passionate about watching companies succeed and appreciate every opportunity I am given to assist in that.

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Office: 612.788.4444

Cell: 612.238.2351

Email: [email protected]

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