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Gamer For Good: Social Responsibility

Our vision for happier people and a stronger community

A Social Responsibility Mission

As an organization, part of acting ethically is recognizing our responsibilities to our employees and larger community. We want to help people thrive and feel connected to the world around them, which is why we promote volunteerism, involvement in nonprofits, an inclusive workplace and wellness among our employees. It is our goal to be good corporate citizens and make a positive difference in the world.

Giving Back

Our workplace giving program includes employee-organized donations to local and national nonprofits, company gift matching and volunteering efforts.

Gamer Cares  

We appreciate and support employee wellness by implementing self-care initiatives, offering summer flex hours, organizing team-building and -bonding events, and more.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We’re committed to creating a strong workforce by providing equal opportunity employment and promoting diversity and inclusion across our company. 

A Better Company, a Better Community, a Better World

“We’re truly a company where everyone is family. We care about our employees’ wellbeing, the communities we all live in and how we can create a culture of where everyone feels empowered and welcome. Gamer Packaging seeks to be a responsible company and community partner through all that we do.”

Paula Gamer, President and CEO

A Better Company, a Better Community, a Better World

“The importance and resources allocated toward social responsibility efforts at Gamer is remarkable. From monetary donation to natural resource clean-up crews, Gamer and its employees work in partnership to truly make an impact.”

Aaron B., Project Manager

A Better Company, a Better Community, a Better World

“I am proud to work for a company that really wants to improve the community in which it works. Whether it is volunteering at local non-profits or employee donations through our charity of the month program which are generously matched by the company, Gamer Packaging is always looking to give back.”

Jimmy O., Regional Sales Manager

A Better Company, a Better Community, a Better World

“The Gamers and the company as a whole do an incredible job of giving back and showing appreciation, starting with the employees. Our social responsibility efforts make everyone feel valued and involved in our communities so that we can each see the positive impact we can have on the world.”

Terri B., Executive Assistant