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Streamlining the Supply Chain for Reduced Lead Times

A national brand personal care company specializing in men’s grooming products faced significant challenges due to long lead times associated with their primary supplier located on the West Coast. These extended lead times not only impacted their production schedule but also affected their ability to promptly respond to customer demands. In 2022, this national brand brought on Gamer Packaging to help streamline the supply chain and meet market demands more efficiently.


The extended lead times and geographical limitations with the current supplier were causing operational inefficiencies and hindering the client’s ability to meet market demands effectively. They sought a solution that would not only reduce lead times but also enhance customer service and pricing competitiveness.

Process and Solution

Understanding the urgency and importance of swift action, Gamer Packaging engaged in a comprehensive analysis to address the client’s challenges. The first step in developing a solution involved presenting Gamer’s sourcing capabilities and conducting a thorough needs analysis in collaboration with the client’s team.

Following this, Gamer embarked on qualifying a new tube supplier and initiated a rigorous process to identify potential partners capable of offering shorter lead times and immediate response capabilities. This involved assessing various suppliers’ decoration capabilities, quality standards, geographical proximity, and production capacities.

Simultaneously, Gamer worked closely with the client to define specific requirements and priorities. Leveraging this insight, Gamer meticulously crafted a proposal outlining multiple options that aligned with the client’s needs while emphasizing reduced lead times, improved customer service, and competitive pricing.

Results Achieved

The implementation of our strategy yielded significant and tangible outcomes for the client:

Enhanced Customer Service

The introduction of a new, regionally located supplier and a revised distribution strategy led to a notable enhancement in customer service. Swift response times and improved product availability positively impacted customer satisfaction.

Reduced Lead Times

By onboarding a supplier strategically positioned for quicker deliveries and prompt responses, the client experienced a remarkable reduction in lead times, enabling them to meet market demands more efficiently.

Improved Pricing

The diversified options provided allowed the client to negotiate better terms, resulting in improved pricing and cost efficiencies.


Gamer’s proactive approach and strategic interventions in supplier qualification and product development resulted in a substantial improvement in the client’s supply chain operations. The successful implementation of a revised supply strategy not only reduced lead times but also enhanced customer service and improved pricing, positioning the client for greater competitiveness in their industry. By continually assessing and optimizing supply chain dynamics, Gamer remains committed to ensuring sustained operational efficiencies and meeting the evolving needs of its customers.

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