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Custom Bitters Packaging

In 2019, Gamer Packaging was brought on by a longtime partner to design and source a packaging solution for a new bitters product. To achieve the partner’s business goals, this custom project required attention to detail, the use of quality components and strong teamwork practices.


When it came to developing a bitters product, packaging was an important factor. Gamer needed to ensure the product’s packaging met a variety of needs that ranged from brand design to quality assurance. For the packaging, the two companies wanted to utilize a branded, apothecary-style bottle with a leak-proof closure that would allow users to shake dispense the liquid drop by drop. The whole packaging solution needed to be designed from scratch.

Process and Solution

The first step in creating the closure system was to determine if there was already a patent for the design. A patent could not be located after months of research with a legal team, allowing Gamer to move forward with the idea. 

“Integrity throughout all our processes is of the utmost importance to us at Gamer Packaging. We make sure to take every step possible to ensure novelty and legitimate, lawful designs.”

Chris Lussier, VP of Product Development and Engineering at Gamer Packaging

After solidifying the design concept and assessing the cost of product, Gamer utilized their sourcing expertise for the development of the closure system. Because of the unique design, the components were sourced from two different glass and plastic manufacturers. Led by the Gamer team, this required a high level of collaboration and communication between Gamer, factory engineers and sourcing partners. The closure system design went through multiple iterations, with Gamer’s packaging experts providing engineering, sourcing and quality assurance support every step of the way. 

“Custom packaging is all about turning a vision into reality. Our strong relationships with manufacturers enabled us to take an idea and transform it into a packaging solution that achieves our partner’s goals.”

Jordan Fulton, Midwest Regional Sales Manager at Gamer Packaging

The final design produced four SKUs consisting of 11 fl. oz. and 4 fl. oz. bottles for each of the two bitters flavors made. The closure used on all SKUs features a drainback fitment and drop dispensing to let users easily and precisely pour the bitters without losing any product. Each amber glass bottle showcases the distinct brand design, which allows the product to stand out on the store shelves and recognized by consumers.

By designing a one-of-a-kind closure system, providing unmatched service and facilitating collaboration, Gamer delivered a packaging solution that gave the company a competitive edge and increased their bottom line.

What We Did

  • Conducted months of research with legal teams to determine if a patent for the closure system existed. 
  • Sourced the components to create the overall design of the closure system. 
  • Sourced two different glass and plastic manufacturers. 
  • Provided on-site quality assurance. 
  • Was an essential partner in the launch of a new bitters product in the fall of 2021. 

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