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Packaging Partners


As a full-service packaging distributor with over 35 years of experience, Gamer Packaging, Inc. is proud to partner with the CANPACK Group. CANPACK is the leading global producer of environmentally friendly, innovative primary packaging solutions, including aluminum beverage cans and bottles.

High-Quality Printing and Customizations

CANPACK’s high-quality printing technologies test the boundaries of printing on aluminum to ultimately help create the perfect brand experience for your customers!

  • 8-color print capabilities
  • Cutting-edge lacquer finish options: Matt, Satin, Tactile, Supertactile, Matt-Tactile and Pearl
  • Multiple ink features, including Thermo, Thermomemory, Solar, UV, Neon, Selective-Matt, Superbright and Superwhite
  • Embossing Technologies
  • High-impact printing
  • Multiple designs in one print
  • Superior print resolutions
  • Pilot printer to proof cans prior to production

Innovation Center

  • Insights, inspiration and innovation support
  • Collaboration during design phase
  • Research & Development prototyping

Interactive Experience

  • Collaborate on technical innovations
  • Production monitoring and logistics support
  • Cost optimization and project management

World-Class Marketing Team

  • Support for new product implementation
  • Sustainability performance auditing
  • Brand enhancement

CANPACK Supply Availability

Olyphant, Pennsylvania

  • 12 oz. STD | 16 oz. STD | 24 oz. STD
  • 202 B64 | 202 CDL+

Muncie, Indiana

  • 7.5 oz. Sleek | 12 oz. Sleek | 12 oz. STD | 16 oz. STD

18 International Can Facilities

  • 5 oz. Slim | 8.4 oz. Slim | 12 oz. Sleek | 12 oz. STD | 16 oz. STD | 24 oz. STD

Gamer Packaging Customers Currently Using CANPACK

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